Thursday, September 3, 2015

Incomplete Filmography of Everyone Who's Ever Played D&D At Our Place

1. Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll
2. Sisters of Anarchy
3. Holly... Would
4. Cinderella: An Axel Braun Parody
5. 24 XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
6. Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
7. The Pornographer
8. White House Orgy
9. Anal Wreckage 3
10. Hong Kong Cooter
11. Cum Eating Cuckolds 19
12. Mom's Cuckold 9
13. 3 Mistresses
14. Family Guy: The XXX Parody
15. Mom's Cuckold 8
16. Interracial Gangbang
17. Black by Popular Demand
18. Mom's Cuckold 7
19. Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Positions
20. Rocky XXX: A Parody Thriller
21. The Flying Pink Pig 2
22. SpiderMan XXX: A Porn Parody
23. A Touch of Seduction
24. This Ain't Hollywood Squares XXX
25. Mom's Cuckold 6
26. Star Trek: The Next Generation  A XXX Parody
27. Club Lil Jon
28. Keeping It Up for the KardASSians 2
29. Mom's Cuckold 5
30. Penthouse Variations: Kinky Sex
31. Barely Legal Jungle Fever 3
32. Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody
33. Playgirl's Hottest Interracials
34. Barefoot Confidential 67
35. The ATeam XXX: A Parody
36. B.A.
37. Reno 911: A XXX Parody
38. Jones
39. Sex Chronicles
40. The Stakeout
41. An Even Swap Ain't No Swindle
42. The Barbershop
43. Not the Cosbys XXX 2
44. This Ain't Charmed XXX
45. Dick Pleasin' Scallywaggz 1
46. Barefoot Confidential 62
47. 30 Dirty Years
48. Best of Cuckold Fantasies 4
49. Bree's Dirty Diary
50. Sanatorium
51. Tarkas
52. Savanna's Been Blackmaled 2
53. This Ain't Bad Girls Club XXX
54. Devone
55. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 27
56. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 28
57. The Crack Pack
58. My Sister's Lover: A Tale of Interracial Love
59. The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody
60. The 8th Day
61. Letterman's Nailin' Palin
62. Mom's Cuckold
63. Office Seductions
64. Not the Cosbys XXX
65. Live in My Secrets
66. After Dark Nurses
67. Cum Eating Cuckolds 10
68. Cum Eating Cuckolds 11
69. Cum Eating Cuckolds 12
70. I Have a Wife 6
71. Office Freaks 4
72. Sorority Sex Scandals
73. The Jeffersons: A XXX Parody
74. Tyler's Wood
75. Sugar Town
76. Icon
77. Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare
78. Angel
79. Monique's Been Blackmaled
80. Dating 101
81. Hot Chocolate
82. Asian Brotha Lovers 6
83. Bedside Manners
84. Black Dick Too BooCoo #3
85. Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition
86. Cougars in Heat Want Dat Brotha Meat
87. Cum Eating Cuckolds 5
88. Freshman First Timers
89. Honey Bunny
90. I've Got It All Blackwards 2
91. Interracial Sex Fest
92. Minority Rules 4
93. Momma's Got a 'G' Thang 2
94. Playgirl: Steamy Seduction
95. Playgirl: Uninhibited
96. Pretty Ass Sistas 8
97. Race 2 Race
98. Sugar Pie Honeyz 10
99. Teens Corrupted 2
100. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 25: Asian Edition
101. Barely Legal 76
102. RefleXXXions
103. Black Man  Segment #2
104. Ransom
105. The Craving
106. Big Bad Wolf
107. Coming Home
108. Soldier #2
109. Barely Legal Jungle Fever
110. Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 3
111. 69 Flava's 4
112. Barely Legal 77
113. Big Tit Brotha Lovers 9
114. Black Attack 2
115. Black Booty
116. Black Dick Too BooCoo
117. Black Dick Too BooCoo 2
118. Black Power 2
119. Black Snake Bitches
120. Booty Quake 5
121. Bullets & Burlesque
122. Club Jenna's Casting Couch 3
123. Cum Eating Cuckolds 3
124. Dark Confessions
125. Dark Meat: White Treat 2
126. Dirty Habits
127. Hellcats 13
128. Inseminated by 2 Black Men 12
129. It'z a Black Thang 3
130. It'z a Black Thang 4
131. Kick Ass Chicks 42: Big Black Titties
132. Mature Brotha Lovers 6
133. MILF Does a Brotha Good!
134. Minority Rules
135. Playgirl: 2 Hot 2 Handle
136. Playgirl: Amorous Sexcapades
137. Revelations
138. Rookie Pussy 2
139. Savanna's Been Blackmaled
140. Screw My Wife Please 58: She Was Born to Screw!
141. Teenage Brotha Lovers 6
142. There Goes the Neighborhood
143. Upload
144. Adam McKenzie
145. White Wife Black Cock 8
146. O the Power of Submission
147. Master #2
148. Up Your Ass 26
149. Penthouse Letters: Bad Wives
150. Kate's Bar Pickup
151. The Voyeur 32: Pack the Trunk
152. Darker Side of Sin 3
153. Manhunters
154. Posse
155. Tailgunners
156. Butler
157. Black Cherry Poppers
158. Flavor of the Month
159. L.A.Vice
160. Asia Noir V: A Lust Supreme
161. Corruption
162. Amateur Blondes on Blacks
163. Taboo 8: Full Tilt Fetish
164. The Rebelle Rousers
165. Jack Napier Is Superbrotha
166. Squirt Hunter Vol. 1
167. Obedience School
168. 69 Flava's
169. 69 Flava's 2
170. 69 Flava's 3
171. Afro Invasian
172. Alone in the Dark
173. Alone in the Dark 2
174. Asian Brotha Lovers 4
175. Asian Twats and Black Cocks
176. Bangin' Black 3
177. Barely Legal Brotha Lovers 3
178. Black and White in Color
179. Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2
180. Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 3
181. Black Dicks in Latin Chicks
182. Black Dicks in White Chicks 13
183. Black Guys in Teenage Thighs
184. Black in the Crack: Black in the Back 2
185. Black Invasian
186. Black Mayhem
187. Black Poles in Dark Holes 2
188. Bombshell Bottoms 2
189. Booty Quake
190. Bubble Bursting Butts
191. Bubble Bursting Butts 2
192. Casting Couch 1
193. Chasing Angels
194. Chocolate Cream Pies 2
195. Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 3
196. Crescendo
197. Eastside Story
198. Farmer's Daughters Make You Go YeeHaw!
199. Freak Nasty 3
200. Guide to Foot Fun
201. I'll Take It Black
202. Innocence: Ass Candy
203. Inseminated by 2 Black Men 11
204. Interracial Hole Stretchers 4
205. Interracial Hole Stretchers 5
206. Interracial Lust 4
207. Interracial Overload
208. It's Huge! 4
209. Jungle Love 6
210. Jungle Love 7
211. Kiss My Ass
212. Lip Lock My Cock 2
213. Love Between the Cheeks
214. Mature Brotha Lovers 4
215. Meat My Ass 6
216. Playgirl: Climactic Tales
217. Playgirl: Provocative Passion
218. Playgirl: Stripped
219. Psychotic
220. Screw My Wife Please 56: Turn Her Loose!
221. Screw My Wife Please 57: Show Her a Good Time!
222. Semen Gobblers 2
223. Sex Fest
224. Silverlake Scenesters
225. Up Your Ass 25
226. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 17
227. White Chocolate 2
228. Yo quiero chocolatte
229. Yo quiero chocolatte 3
230. Young Asian Cuties 2
231. Big Phat Wet Ass Orgy
232. Black in the Crack
233. Gang Bang Squad Vol. 5
234. Tyler
235. Barely Legal 53
236. Hellcats 8
237. Service Animals 21
238. Intrigue
239. Potty Mouth
240. White Girls Suck and Swallow 2
241. After Party
242. Azn Ultra Idols
243. Balls Deep 9
244. Black & White Dick for Each Chick
245. Black Dicks in White Chicks 11
246. Black Dicks in White Chicks 12
247. Black in the Crack: Black in the Back
248. Blacks in Blondes 2
249. Black Trash
250. Bounce 2
251. Buttfucked by a Black Man
252. Caliente
253. Chocolate Freaks
254. Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters
255. Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 2
256. Conviction
257. Dear Celeste...
258. Ebony Cream Pies
259. Erotik
260. Extreme Idols
261. Four on the Whore
262. Freak Nasty
263. Glamour Sluts 2
264. Good Whores Take It in the Ass
265. Hellcats 9
266. Honey Dips
267. Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 7
268. Hot Ass Latinas 3
269. Inseminated by 2 Black Men 9
270. Interracial Hole Stretchers 3
271. In the Dark
272. Jungle Love 4: In the Mix
273. Krystal Therapy
274. Look Don't Touch
275. Playgirl: Bodies in Heat
276. Playgirl: Surrender to Lust
277. Pump That Rump
278. Rake & Ho' Em
279. Rawhide
280. Pool Player
281. Rocks That Ass 25
282. Sack Lunch 2
283. Shameless
284. Skin on Skin
285. Slant Eyed Sluts
286. Slick Chicks, Black Dicks
287. Split That Booty 3
288. Stop or I'll Squirt
289. Str8 Shots II
290. Teens Cumming of Age 4
291. The Many Shades of Mayhem
292. The Young and the Thirsty 2
293. Throat Gaggers 8
294. Up Your Ass 24
295. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 10
296. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 11
297. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 12
298. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 7
299. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 8
300. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 9
301. Four X Four 6
302. Innocence: Wild Child
303. My Baby Got Back 35
304. Taboo 21
305. Big Frank
306. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 6
307. The Whore Next Door
308. Asia Noir 4: Last Rites
309. Young Asian Cookies Dripping Cum 2
310. All That Ass: The Orgy
311. Asian Persuasian
312. Assliciously Delicious 6
313. Banana Cream Pie 3
314. Black Carnal Coeds 12
315. Bros and Blondes 2
316. Capital Punishment
317. Eighteen 'n Interracial 15
318. Four X Four 5
319. Little White Slave Girls 8
320. Orgy World 7
321. Phat Azz White Girls 10
322. Playgirl: Burning Lust
323. Sole Sistas 4
324. Tell Me What You Want 5
325. White Butts Drippin' Chocolate Nuts 3
326. White Wife Black Cock 3
327. Anal Teen Tryouts 3
328. Driving Miss Daisy
329. Tyler
330. Asia Noir 3
331. Chocolate Gazongas
332. Gush
333. I Like It Black 2
334. I Like It Black 3
335. KPop  
336. Mamacitas 3
337. New Girls 5
338. Santeria
339. Sole Sistas 3
340. Swallow My Pride 3
341. Pink Velvet
342. Lesbian Public Sex Fetish
343. Sisters of Anarchy
344. Wetwork
345. Mall
346. Adult Actress 1
347. The Pornographer
348. Tisha Harmon
349. Thor XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
350. Sif
351. The Exhibitionist
352. Katie
353. The Stepmother 9
354. Viewer Discretion Is Advised
355. Devil on a Chain
356. Anal Frenzy 2
357. The General Goes All In
358. Paula
359. Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
360. Wonder Woman
361. Elastic Assholes 11
362. #dailybush
363. Facesitting Tales
364. This Ain't Die Hard XXX
365. Gruber
366. White Mommas 4
367. Orgy University
368. Mrs. Kane
369. Dixie's Damsels
370. My First Sex Teacher 34
371. Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal Play for Men
372. Breaking Bad XXX
373. Skylar White
374. This Ain't the Expendables XXX
375. Bailey Ross
376. Femdom Ass Worship 17
377. Foot Worship
378. Uber Foot Beauties
379. Couples Seeking Teens 10
380. Girl Train 2
381. Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled
382. Official the Hangover Parody
383. Melissa
384. Diary of Love: A XXX Romance
385. Bobbi Starr's Gape Gang
386. Spit
387. Kiss Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me
388. Milk Nymphos 3
389. Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody
390. Senni Tonnika
391. Occupy My Ass
392. Big Cocks Go Deep 1
393. Buttface
394. My Wife's Hot Friend 11
395. Vicarious: So Close You Can Taste It
396. Love Is a... Dangerous Game
397. Sara
398. Horizon
399. Emily Hill
400. Bound Gangbangs
401. Office Slut
402. Bobbi's World
403. Femdom Ass Worship 10
404. Official Hogan Knows Best Parody
405. Hooker
406. Elastic Assholes 9
407. Spontaneass
408. Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmaled
409. Party of Feet 3
410. Cherry 2
411. Amanda
412. Dirty Panties
413. Sex World
414. Lonely Girl
415. Rezervoir Doggs
416. Mrs. Pink
417. Star Trek: The Next Generation  A XXX Parody
418. Doctor Beverly Crusher
419. Gallery for Sex
420. Katy Pervy: The XXX Parody
421. Katy Pervy
422. Official Vagina Monologues Parody
423. Fourth Monologue
424. Bush
425. Lost and Found
426. Vicky
427. Lesbian Deception
428. Everything Butt
429. The Apple of My Eye
430. A Little Part of Me
431. Margo
432. Lost
433. Blu Dreams 2
434. The Condemned
435. The Twilight Zone: Porn Parody
436. The Sex Files 2: A Dark XXX Parody
437. Scully
438. Alice
439. Alice's Sister
440. Filthy Anal Girls: POV+
441. Batman XXX: A Porn Parody
442. Lisa Carson
443. The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody
444. Maude Lebowski
445. This Ain't Star Trek XXX 2: The Butterfly Effect
446. The Butterfly Queen
447. Field of Schemes 7
448. Official Californication Parody
449. Supertail and the Evil Wang
450. Gail
451. Awakening to Love
452. Dawn  Nonsex Role
453. Beautiful Stranger
454. Carbon Girl
455. Downtown Girls 2
456. Face Fucking, Inc. 8
457. My Sister's Hot Friend 20
458. Rachel Starr Is Bad Ass
459. PinUp Girls Vol. 1
460. All About Me 4
461. The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody
462. Dana Scully
463. Content
464. Jenna Haze: Nymphomaniac
465. I Love It Rough 4
466. Girls Girls Girls 2
467. Live in My Secrets
468. Banging Bitches
469. Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 7
470. Belladonna's Toy Box
471. Belle: Sophia Santi
472. Big Wet Asses 15
473. Face Invaders 4
474. Fishnets 10
475. Fleshed Out
476. Fuck Face
477. Hardcore Circus
478. How to Be a Ladies Man
479. In the Butt 2
480. Model House
481. Party of Feet
482. Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck
483. The Contessa's Chateau of Pleasure
484. We Were of Innocence
485. All Alone 4
486. The Last Rose
487. Party Swinger
488. Foot Soldiers 1
489. Finger Licking Good 6
490. Birthday Girl #1
491. The Kissing Game
492. Girl Train
493. Bree & Kayden
494. Intimate Invitation 10
495. Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman 2
496. Cock Pigs
497. Deeper 9
498. Young Hollywood
499. Paris
500. Barefoot Confidential 52
501. Belladonna: Manhandled 3
502. Bitchcraft 5
503. Evil Pink 4
504. Fucking Girls 6
505. Fusxion Fetish 2
506. Hairy Movie
507. Hospital!
508. Morphine
509. Odd Jobs 4
510. Perverse
511. Allison
512. Playgirl: Uninhibited
513. Shooting Savanna
514. StrapOns 4 Dummys
515. We Suck! POV TagTeam SuckOff
516. Where There's Smoke
517. Violation of Trina Michaels
518. Triple Ecstasy
519. Entering Nautica Thorn
520. Porn Fidelity 10
521. The Make Up
522. Dominatrix
523. Diary of a Nanny 2
524. Stood Up
525. Redneck Girl
526. Rapture in Blue
527. Darryl's Fantasy Girl #2
528. By Appointment Only 3
529. Kayden's First Time
530. Colors
531. Lover  Orange segment
532. Bitchcraft 2
533. By Appointment Only 6
534. Candy 69
535. Confessions of the Heart
536. Flawless
537. Fuck Me in the Bathroom
538. Hard Bluff
539. Jack's Playground: Big Ass Show 7
540. Killer Klub Girlz
541. Look Who's Watching
542. Miles from Needles
543. My Space Too
544. Off the Hook
545. Pay or Play
546. Picturesque
547. Playgirl: All Lubed Up
548. Playgirl: In Pursuit of Pleasure
549. Playgirl: Love Sounds
550. Playgirl: Sexual Exploits of Jean Val Jean
551. Playgirl: Tantric Sex Secrets
552. Revelations
553. Savanna's Been Blackmaled
554. Sex to Die For
555. Sophia Santi: Erotique
556. Sophia Santi's Juice
557. Speakeasy
558. Sunshine Highway
559. The Perils of Paulina
560. The V Word
561. Violation of Alicia Angel
562. Violation of Chelsie Rae
563. Pop My Sweet Cherry
564. ErocktaVision Volume 6: Get' Cha Freak On
565. Attention Whores 8
566. /I The Visitors
567. Jessie
568. Surprised, Hogtied and Struggling!
569. The Rebelle Rousers
570. Molly
571. Naked Girls Resist Rope Restraint!
572. 100% American Made
573. Sex and Submission
574. Mark Davis and Kimberly Kane
575. Happy?
576. Lesbian Couple
577. Altered Minds
578. Are We in Love
579. Avenue X
580. Be My Bitch 2
581. Bitch & Moan 1
582. Bitch Blow Me!
583. Bitches
584. Carmen & Austyn
585. Chemistry 2
586. Fem: L'Amour
587. Flesh and Fantasy
588. Ghouls Gone Wild
589. Girls Love Girls 2
590. Hillary Scott Cock Star
591. Intimate Invitation 2
592. Killer Desire
593. Lesbian Training 2
594. My Space
595. Naked and Famou$
596. Playgirl: Illicit Affairs
597. Playgirl: Lessons in Love
598. Playgirl: Longing for Him
599. Pussy Worship 2
600. Skater Girl Fever
601. Slave Dolls 2
602. StrapOn Club
603. The Catalyst
604. The Houseguest
605. Violation of Cindy Crawford
606. Violation of Tory Lane
607. Whoregasm
608. Anal Sinsations
609. Rough & Ready 2
610. All About Keri
611. Barry's Girlfriend
612. Teasers II
613. Janine's Got Male
614. Teasers
615. Lovers Lane
616. Amanda
617. Intrigue
618. Blowjob Fantasies 22
619. Beautiful/Nasty 3
620. Blow
621. Deep in Malezia
622. Freeze Frame
623. Fucking Girls Again
624. Harlot
625. Inside the Pink Door
626. Key to Sex
627. Lick Between the Lines
628. No Cocks Allowed!
629. Playgirl: Bodies in Heat
630. Polarity
631. Riot Sluts 2
632. Rub My Muff 2
633. Spiked
634. Striptease Seductions
635. Terrible Teens 3
636. The Stuntgirl 2
637. What Is Erotic?
638. When Things Get Rough She Gets Filthy
639. Girly Thoughts
640. Squealer
641. Pinup #4
642. Teens for Cash 2  
643. This Is the Girl
644. Hot Showers 15
645. 18 and Easy
646. Aftermath
647. Barely Legal 50  
648. Barely Legal Ski Camp
649. Barely Legal Summer Camp 2
650. Be with Me
651. 2nd Waitress
652. Campus Confessions 10
653. Chix in the Mix  
654. Cumstains 3
655. Cum Swapping Sluts 7
656. Defiled in Style
657. Dinner Party 3: Cocktales
658. Disturbed 2
659. Drop Sex 2
660. Eye Candy 2
661. Eye Contact 27
662. Finally Legal 13
663. Foot Work
664. Fresh New Faces 4
665. Girl Crazy 3
666. Hold Still
667. Innocence: Baby Blue
668. Jack's Playground 9
669. Latex Cops
670. Little Titties Tight Holes
671. Masturbation Mania
672. My Ass Is Haunted
673. No Man's Land 39
674. Pussyman's Decadent Divas 23
675. Pussy Party 2
676. Reality Sucks
677. Real Porn 1: Summer Luvin'
678. Screaming Orgasms 14
679. Space 2077
680. Squirting 101 3
681. Stuffin' Young Muffins 1
682. Taboo
683. Tails from the Hollywood Hills
684. Terrible Teens 2
685. The Epiphany
686. The Seductress
687. The Stuntgirl
688. Valley Girls 1
689. Welcome to the Valley
690. NonSex
691. Wet Nurse
692. Waitress
693. Young Blonde Voyeurs 2
694. Young Girls' Fantasies 5
695. Young Natural Breasts 4
696. Teen Tryouts Audition 30
697. Barely 18 7  
698. Barely Legal 45
699. Dangerous Lives of Blondes II
700. Hiteen Club 7
701. Jodie Moore Explains the Universe
702. Vouyer Vision
703. Who's Your Daddy? 4
704. Creepy Text Theatre Animated
705. One Last Text
706. The Further Exploits of Bruce
707. It's Never Easy
708. Tough World
709. The Girl of Your Dreams
710. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
711. Viola DeWynter
712. Open Windows
713. Would You Rather
714. The Girl from the Naked Eye
715. Anal Artists
716. Saints Row: The Third
717. I Melt with You
718. Raven
719. Eminem: Space Bound
720. Girlfriend
721. Lost
722. Playgirl's Hottest Interracials
723. Entourage
724. Lose Yourself
725. Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
726. Sniff Sniff Gang Bang
727. Tequila and Coke
728. Hair
729. Malice in Lalaland
730. Malice
731. Quit
732. Mini Mart Clerk #2
733. Fly Girls
734. Real Wife Stories 6
735. Out Numbered 5
736. Deep Throat This 44
737. Fuck: Sasha Grey
738. Love and Other Mishaps
739. North Pole #77
740. P.O.V. 26
741. BushMania
742. Private Gold 107: Cheating Hollywood Wives
743. Masturbation Nation 3
744. Seinfeld: A XXX Parody
745. Pornstar
746. Smash Cut
747. April Carson
748. Boundaries 6
749. When Ginger Met Nina 2: Girls' Night Out
750. This Ain't Star Trek XXX
751. Chandra
752. Nylons 5
753. Throat: A Cautionary Tale
754. Julie Garret
755. Secretary's Day 3
756. Sporty Girls 2
757. Boxer
758. Nurses
759. Tribade Sorority 2: Campus Life
760. DreamGirlz 2
761. Masturbation Nation
762. PG Porn
763. Catholic School Girl
764. Roadside Assistance
765. Girls Girls Girls 2
766. The Girlfriend Experience
767. Chelsea / Christine
768. Live in My Secrets
769. Ass Eaters Unanimous 19
770. Buttman's Stretch Class 2
771. Don't Make Me Beg
772. Enter the Peepshow
773. Face Invaders 4
774. I Wanna Bang Your Sister
775. Rough Sex
776. Sun Goddess: Malibu
777. The Birthday Party
778. The F!ve
779. The King of Coochie 4
780. The Seduction
781. Top Ten 2
782. We Were of Innocence
783. One Wild & Crazy Night
784. Brandy
785. Shades of Romona
786. Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge
787. Maria
788. Women Seeking Women 46  
789. Not Bewitched XXX
790. Sexy Model
791. The Last Rose
792. Teresa
793. Girlvana 4
794. Addicted 4
795. Girl Train
796. Massive Facials
797. Soloerotica 10
798. Sasha Grey's Anatomy
799. Dr. Sasha Grey
800. House of Sex & Domination
801. Once Upon a Crime
802. Narrator
803. No Swallowing Allowed 13
804. Total Interactive Control of Sasha Grey
805. Anal Acrobats 3
806. Anal Cavity Search 6
807. Bitchcraft 4
808. Black Power 3
809. Bree & Sasha
810. Circa '82
811. Cum Buckets! 8
812. Evil Pink 4
813. Finger Licking Good: Volume 5
814. Fishnets 8
815. Flying Solo
816. Fuck Slaves 3
817. Hairy Movie
818. House of Jordan 2
819. Jack's Teen America: Mission 22
820. King Cobra
821. Kiss Attack
822. Lord of Asses 13
823. My Evil Sluts 3
824. P.O.V. Centerfolds 7
825. Playgirl: Sex Inferno
826. Pop Goes the Weasel 2
827. Porn Week: Los Angeles Vacation
828. Pure
829. Shot Glasses
830. Slam It! In a Young Whore
831. Spunk'd 8
832. Stoya: Sexy Hot
833. Strip Tease Then Fuck 10
834. Swallow This 12
835. Teenage Whores 3
836. Totally Fucked 2
837. We Suck! POV TagTeam SuckOff
838. Before They Were Stars
839. Canoga Park
840. Dirk's Rival
841. Device Bondage
842. Constriction
843. Fragments III
844. Skydiving
845. Casey Parker Is Boy Crazy
846. Thornhill Diaries 9
847. Throated 12
848. Naughty America 4 Her 3
849. Anal Acrobats
850. Babysitters
851. Danni the Babysitter
852. Naughty Flipside
853. Flower's Squirt Shower 5
854. /I Broken
855. Naughty Book Worms 7
856. Teenage Peach Fuzz 3
857. Shane vs. Boz
858. Teenage Heartbreakers
859. 2 Young to Fall in Love 4
860. All Alone 2
861. Barefoot Confidential 49
862. Barefoot Confidential 50
863. Best of Hush Hush: Sasha Grey & Barbie Cummings
864. Bitchcraft 2
865. Blow Me Sandwich 11
866. Bullets & Burlesque
867. Control 7
868. Erotic Seductions
869. Ava
870. Feeding Frenzy 9
871. Filth Cums First 3
872. First Time Ball Busters
873. Gag Me Then Fuck Me 3
874. Grand Theft Anal 11
875. Head Case 2
876. Homo Erectus
877. Cavegirl
878. House of Ass 7
879. Innocence: Brat
880. In Your Face 4
881. Meet the Fuckers 7
882. My Dirty Angels 8
883. My First Porn 8
884. Neighbor Affair 6
885. Odd Jobs 2
886. Performers of the Year
887. POV Cock Suckers 5
888. Pussy Cats 2
889. Screen Dreams 2
890. Sex Toy Teens
891. Shay Jordan: Video Nasty
892. Slam It! In a Slut
893. Spunk'd 7
894. Squirt Facials
895. Squirt Gangbang
896. Stimula
897. Strap Attack 6
898. Swallow My Children
899. Teenage Whores 2
900. The Doll House 3
901. The Neighbors
902. The Skin Trade
903. Tribade Sorority 1
904. Wet Food
905. Whack Jobs 2
906. White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 22
907. Sexual Freak 3
908. Share My Cock! 4
909. Suck It Dry 3
910. Twisted Vision 4
911. Slut Puppies 2
912. Control 4
913. Gang Bang 5
914. Sasha Grey Superslut
915. Smokin Hot
916. Teenage Anal Princess 5
917. Swallow My Squirt 4
918. Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
919. Fuck Slaves
920. Sex Slaves 2
921. The Girl Next Door 2
922. Cum Fart Cocktails 5
923. Assault That Ass 9
924. 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating 8
925. 2 Big 2 Be True 4
926. 50 to 1 4
927. A2m 10
928. Barely Legal 62
929. Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4
930. Black Cock Addiction 2
931. Bring'um Young 23
932. Daddy's Little Princess 2
933. Face Fucking, Inc.
934. Freaky First Timers 2
935. Fuck for Dollars 3
936. Gang Bang My Face
937. House of Ass 3
938. I'm a Big Girl Now 6
939. Illegal Ass 2
940. In Thru the Back Door
941. My First Porn 7
942. Oral Supremacy
943. Pop Goes the Weasel
944. Razördolls
945. Rich Little Bitch
946. Tight Teen Twats 2
947. There Will Be Cum 7
948. Audrey Hollander Learns Kelly Wells What Assfisting Is
949. Beautiful Horny and Fucking Dirty 4
950. Naomi and Friends
951. Invalid Entry
952. Real Hardcore Porn
953. Anal Brigade
954. Are You a Buttman?
955. Suthern Cumfort
956. Curse Eternal
957. Club Chick 4
958. Afterhours 3
959. Alpha 15: Reform School Girls
960. Ass Masters 2
961. Butt Bangin' Baby Dolls 2
962. Girlvana 2
963. Kick Ass Chicks 36: Italian Girls
964. Nailed with Cum 2
965. Nymphos in Nylons
966. Skater Girl Fever
967. Swallow My Pride 9
968. Violation of Sierra Sinn
969. Violation of Tory Lane
970. Yank My Crank 3
971. Ass Master
972. Bangin' the Girl Next Door 2
973. She Bangs!
974. Angel
975. Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid
976. Sex and Submission
977. Gia Jordan and Brian Surewood
978. Gobble the Goop 2
979. Fuck Doll Sandwich 3
980. Service Animals 20
981. Kill Girl Kill
982. Girl  
983. Anal Life 2
984. A2m 8
985. Afterhours
986. Anallicious
987. Ass Eaters Unanimous 10
988. Ass to Mouth 15
989. Attention Whores 4
990. Barefoot Confidential 37
991. Big Wet Asses 7
992. Blowjob Fantasies 21
993. Cherry Lickers
994. Fill 'er Up
995. Full Service
996. Internal Explosions 4
997. In Your Face 1
998. Iron Head 3
999. Kill Her Ass!
1000. Naughty New Girls 1
1001. New Wave Latinas 5
1002. No Holes Left Unfilled 2
1003. Orally Challenged
1004. Private Gold 69: Sex Thriller
1005. Second Thoughts
1006. Sarah
1007. Sorority Splash 3
1008. Star
1009. Straight A's
1010. Street Walker
1011. Tough Love 6
1012. Women in Control
1013. Yummy in My Tummy
1014. Ass Busters 7
1015. Girls of Sodom
1016. Jenna's Juicy
1017. Julie's Back
1018. Roxxxi Red
1019. Puss 'n Boots
1020. Anal Retentive 3  
1021. Anal Trainer 8
1022. Anal Cumsumption 2
1023. Analgeddon
1024. Army of Ass 3
1025. Ass Appeal
1026. Ass Eaters Unanimous 7
1027. Ass Intake 2
1028. Assploration!
1029. ATM Machine 4
1030. Bad Girls
1031. Bangin' the Girl Next Door
1032. Blowjob Fantasies 20
1033. Catch Me If You Can
1034. Cum in My Mouth I'll Spit It Back in Yours
1035. Dirty Little Devils 2
1036. Disturbed 2
1037. Down the Hatch 13
1038. Dripping Wet Sex 10
1039. Girls Home Alone 23
1040. Glazed and Confused 3
1041. Gothsend
1042. Handjobs 14
1043. Home Schooled
1044. I'll Do Anything for You
1045. I Love This Business
1046. JKP Hardcore 4
1047. Kiss Me Deadly
1048. Danika
1049. Legal Tender 1
1050. Passion of the Ass 2
1051. Plastic Penetrations
1052. Pussy Party 2
1053. Semen Demons
1054. /I Shooters
1055. Silk Stockings
1056. Specs Appeal 18
1057. Suckers 6
1058. Suck Start My Heart
1059. Sweet Obscenities
1060. Tails from the Toilet
1061. Teen Latin Dolls 1
1062. The Big Tease 2
1063. Tuff Chick
1064. Wired to Cum
1065. Compulsion
1066. Feeding Frenzy 3
1067. Glazed and Confused
1068. Gia
1069. Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 42
1070. Booty Duty 11: Operation BungBlast
1071. Gutter Mouths 29
1072. Tails of Perversity 10
1073. Wet Dreams Cum True 2
1074. Young Latin Girls 5
1075. Foot Worship
1076. Three Foot Fanatic Lesbians Sweat in Their Leotards and Shimmery Pantyhose
1077. The Truth About O
1078. Ashley
1079. The Girl's Guide to Depravity
1080. Granola Girl
1081. Rule 21: The Magic Pussy Rulel
1082. Taxi 2
1083. Life on Top
1084. Elizabeth / Jen
1085. Exhibitionist
1086. The Angelina Effect
1087. Bad Luck Chuck
1088. Blackout
1089. The Phucket List
1090. KissMe Girl 4
1091. Lost
1092. River Rock Women's Prison
1093. Taxi 1
1094. Teagan Takes Control
1095. Nina Loves Girls 2
1096. American Made: Alexis Ford
1097. The Perfect Secretary: Training Day
1098. Ms. Brimley
1099. Women Seeking Women 57
1100. All About Me 4  
1101. Intimate Invitation 12
1102. When Ginger Met Nina 2: Girls' Night Out
1103. Black Dynamite
1104. White Woman Swimming
1105. Fem Luminoso
1106. Sex in Dangerous Places
1107. Stephanie Loves Girls
1108. Intimate Invitation 11
1109. Burn
1110. Lori
1111. Intimate Invitation 10
1112. Exposed: Jana Cova
1113. House of Jordan 2
1114. Who's Killing the Pets?
1115. Justine
1116. Wishful Thinking
1117. Intimate Invitation 9
1118. Pipe Dreams
1119. Strippers Need Love Too
1120. Man's Ruin  
1121. The Predator
1122. Groupie Girl
1123. Rapture in Blue
1124. Darryl's Fantasy Girl #1
1125. Janine Loves Jenna
1126. Meet Heather
1127. /II Yours Truly
1128. Waitress
1129. By Appointment Only 6
1130. Dirty Pretty Lies
1131. Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 1: Cunnilingus
1132. Red Hotz
1133. Shameless
1134. O the Power of Submission
1135. Claire
1136. Totally Busted
1137. Bubble Girl
1138. Chloro Power!  
1139. Girl 2 Girl
1140. Coyote Nasty: No Dicks Allowed
1141. Atomic Vixens: Escape from the Valley of the Sluts
1142. White Queen
1143. Happy?
1144. Lesbian Couple
1145. Neu Wave Hookers
1146. Girl
1147. Alpha 15: Reform School Girls
1148. Are We in Love
1149. Chicks Gone Wild
1150. /I Drive
1151. Fem: L'Amour
1152. House of Ass
1153. In Deep
1154. McKenzie Loves Pain
1155. My Secret Life
1156. Nasty Girls 33  
1157. Nowhere Angels
1158. Rachel
1159. Pussy Worship 2
1160. Soloerotica 7
1161. Toys & StrapOns
1162. All About Keri
1163. Lola
1164. Naked Girls in Tight Trouble  
1165. Girls Wrap Girls  
1166. Catherine
1167. Julie's Revenge  
1168. Kill Girl Kill 2
1169. Girl
1170. Beautiful Lies
1171. Anais
1172. Body Language  
1173. Exposed: Justine  
1174. Girlfriends  
1175. Justine's Red Letters
1176. Matrix Nudes 3  
1177. Polarity  
1178. Prisoner  
1179. Soloerotica 6  
1180. Wank on Me  
1181. Wild in Vegas  
1182. Alien Love Fantasy  
1183. By Invitation Only  
1184. Meridians of Passion
1185. Soloerotica 5
1186. The Story of J  
1187. Killer Sex and Suicide Blondes
1188. Stripper #1
1189. Payback
1190. Dark Side  
1191. All You Need Is Luv  
1192. Angel Plush  
1193. Barely Legal 50    
1194. Barely Legal Summer Camp 2
1195. Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait  
1196. Blue Erotica
1197. Closeup 2  
1198. Flirts 1  
1199. /I Girl on Girl  
1200. L'affaire
1201. Magic Sex Genie
1202. Muff 1  
1203. Mystified 3: The Sorceress  
1204. No Man's Land 38  
1205. Space 2077  
1206. Welcome to the Valley  
1207. Welcome to the Valley 5  
1208. Adriana  
1209. Barely Legal Summer Camp  
1210. Carnival Sluts and Circus Dicks  
1211. Deviant Behavior  
1212. Fem: Bella  
1213. Hard Edge  
1214. I Love Lesbians 12  
1215. In the Garden of Shadows  
1216. Jack's Playground 1  
1217. No Man's Land Director's Choice  
1218. PinUps  
1219. Soloerotica 4  
1220. Young Girls' Fantasies 2  
1221. The Villa  
1222. Girlfriends  
1223. All the Rave
1224. Barely Legal 12  
1225. Busty Dildo Lovers  
1226. Cockless 8  
1227. Exhibitionists  
1228. Barely Legal in the City
1229. Susie
1230. Rub the Muff 2  
1231. Rub the Muff 3  
1232. Personal Trainer Sluts  
1233. Naughty College School Girls 4  
1234. The 4 Finger Club 7  
1235. 24/7 8: Pumpin' Whitey  
1236. The Hogtie Conspiracy
1237. Hogtied Blonde
1238. I Was Bound and Gagged Today
1239. Blonde Bound in Bathroom
1240. Pretty Roped Up Packages
1241. Older Sister
1242. Private Techniques
1243. Tape Bound, Volume 21
1244. Blonde in Pink Sweater
1245. Make Sure They're Bound and Gagged
1246. Blonde Teleworker
1247. Off with the Tops, on with the Ropes
1248. Lady Lessons
1249. Costumed Girls Captured in Bondage
1250. Sexy Cop
1251. Under Surveillance
1252. Girls in Bondage
1253. Evil Housemate
1254. Prison Lesbians
1255. Bad Intentions for Helpless Secretaries
1256. Blonde Businesswoman
1257. Pink Velvet
1258. Charlotte Stokely Pussy Bound
1259. Naked Blonde Bondagette
1260. Paired, Bared and Bound
1261. Bound Blonde Roommate
1262. Bondage Potpourri
1263. Blonde on Blind Date
1264. Bound, Taped, Bared, Spread
1265. Blonde Housemate
1266. Look How Those Bound and Gagged Girls Struggle
1267. Blonde Bound in Bedroom
1268. Ropes and Gags Complete Your Costume
1269. Maid
1270. Together We're Bound
1271. Blonde Accused of Being a Spy
1272. Bound and Abused by Beautiful Women
1273. Girl Scout Leader
1274. Eleven Lucky Ladies Naked and Bound
1275. Blonde Tied to Bed
1276. Gym Angels
1277. Tasty Tootsies
1278. Toe Sucking Blonde
1279. Wrapping Pretty Little Things
1280. Blonde Taped to Post
1281. Bared, Bound and Struggling
1282. Naked Blonde Bondagette
1283. Feisty Bondage Heroines
1284. Industrial Spy
1285. Disguised Damsels in Topless Ties
1286. Stewardess
1287. Eve's Secret
1288. Eve
1289. Sexy Costume Captives
1290. Insolent Maid
1291. Models in Distress
1292. Sinister Agent
1293. Bondage Conflict
1294. Cat Burglar's Victim
1295. Tape Bound, Volume 19
1296. Double Trouble for Bound Couples
1297. Blonde Bound on Couch
1298. Dressed in Costumes, Tied with Ropes
1299. Kinky Blonde
1300. Naked Bondage Dreams
1301. Bound Blonde Wrester
1302. Charlotte and Emily's Bondage Dilemma
1303. Bound Blonde in Red Robe
1304. She Must Be Bound and Gagged
1305. Employer's Girlfriend
1306. Naked Girls Tied Up Tight
1307. Naked Hogtied Blonde
1308. Men Bound Into Submission
1309. Blonde Girlfriend
1310. Hot and Mean
1311. Banging with the Best
1312. Helpless Couples Bound and Gagged
1313. Tape Gagged Blonde
1314. Barefoot, Bare Breasted Bound and Gagged
1315. Blonde Tied to Railing / Cat Burglar
1316. Bondage: For Her Pleasure or Yours
1317. Blonde Tied to Bedboard
1318. Cassie's Christmas Bondage Festival
1319. Sexy Girl Scout / Bride
1320. Bound, Gagged and Spread
1321. Stripped Down and Bound
1322. Blonde Home Invasion Victim
1323. Road Queen 27
1324. Yoga Class Invasion
1325. Bound, Gagged and Menaced
1326. We Live Together 29
1327. Devil on a Chain
1328. Susan and Charlotte: Best Friends in Bondage
1329. Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex
1330. Costumed Damsels in Bondage Trouble
1331. Cheerleader
1332. Fresh Faced Footsie Babes
1333. Naked Bondage for Nice Girls
1334. Blonde Bound in Backyard
1335. White Snow #3
1336. Dangerous Diva's Bound and Gagged Blondes
1337. Sweet Blonde
1338. Four Rooms: Los Angeles
1339. Women Seeking Women 93
1340. Naked Girls Bound, Gagged and Helpless
1341. Babe Bound on Bench
1342. Working Women in a Bind
1343. Barebreasted Captive
1344. Take Their Clothes and Tie Them Up
1345. Ropemistress
1346. Topless Captives Tightly Bound
1347. Hogtied Hiker
1348. Nine Beauties Bound and Naked
1349. Net Skirts 10.0
1350. Greedy Blondes in Bondage
1351. WeLiveTogether: Stoked Summer
1352. Bickering Barmaids in Bondage
1353. Blonde Barmaid
1354. She'll End Up Hogtied
1355. Soft Soles, Tasty Toes
1356. Good Vibrations for Topless Captives
1357. Bound Blonde with Jewelry
1358. Tape Bound, Volume 16
1359. Blonde Taped to Table
1360. Beautiful Bound Babes
1361. The Giggle Spot
1362. Vulnerable Victims Gagged and Bound
1363. Cuties in Captivity
1364. I Wrapped a Girl and I Liked It
1365. My Prisoner in Bondage: Charlotte Stokely
1366. Author with Writer's Block
1367. BareSkinned Struggles
1368. Massage Parlor Captive
1369. Tickle Hell Ticklish Pit Stop
1370. Blonde Tickler
1371. Leave No Toes Unsucked
1372. Admire Our Beautiful Bare Feet
1373. Hot Bondage Interludes
1374. Blonde Naughty Girl
1375. The Bound Girl Experience
1376. Blonde Hostage
1377. Distressed and Undressed
1378. A Cups
1379. Monsterpiece Theatre Volume 1
1380. Not so dead chick
1381. Playgirls Hottest: Sex in Strange Places
1382. Filthy Neighborhood Orgies
1383. Heaven and Hell
1384. Black Dynamite
1385. White Chick #2
1386. Slave Trade
1387. Carlotte Stokely
1388. Teen MILF 6
1389. Playgirl: Delectable Desires
1390. Young, Hot & Bothered 3
1391. Triple Ecstasy
1392. Skinn Kandi
1393. Kandi
1394. It's a Mommy Thing!
1395. DVD Only
1396. Naughty Book Worms 7
1397. Filth Factory
1398. Beloved Chanel
1399. Black Power 2
1400. Debbie Loves Dallas
1401. Bambi
1402. Fucking Girls 4
1403. Jesse Loves Pain
1404. Minority Rules
1405. Sophia's Private Lies
1406. Teenage Whores 2
1407. The Da Vinci Coed
1408. Kelly
1409. We Swallow 15
1410. Young Models 4
1411. Not Too Young for Cum 4
1412. Blacklight Beauty
1413. Girl
1414. It's a Daddy Thing! 2
1415. Jack Napier Is Superbrotha
1416. It's a Daddy Thing! 1
1417. Couples Seduce Teens Vol. 2  
1418. Slave Trade 3
1419.   Stokely
1420. Black Cock Addiction
1421. Joanna's Angels 2: Alt. Throttle
1422. Blazed & Confused
1423. First Time Swallows Vol. 2  
1424. Barely Legal 54  
1425. Clique  
1426. White Girls Suck and Swallow 3
1427. 3 on Me POV
1428. Barely Legal Innocence 5
1429. Big BubbleButt Cheerleaders 4  
1430. Bubble Butt Bonanza 4
1431. Crowd Pleaser's
1432. Cum Buckets! 6
1433. Cum Eating Teens 5
1434. Cumstains 9
1435. Daddy's Girl Is a Bad Girl
1436. Deeper
1437. Deep Throat This 31
1438. Girls Lie
1439. Girls Love Girls 2
1440. Hard Candy 2
1441. Jack's Playground: Big Ass Show 2
1442. Jack's POV
1443. Lip Lock My Cock 2
1444. Lords of Doggie Style Town
1445. Naked and Famou$
1446. Nowhere Angels
1447. Anna
1448. Pussy Cats
1449. Scurvy Girls
1450. Skater Girl Fever
1451. Squirting Showers
1452. Teens in Tight Jeans
1453. /II The Da Vinci Load
1454. School Girl #1
1455. Twins Do Vegas
1456. Under the Age of... 2
1457. Bustful of Dollars
1458. Barely 18 22
1459. Young Sluts, Inc. 17
1460. Hellcats 8
1461. Ass Masterpiece, Vol. 1
1462. Bangin' White Hos 2
1463. Big Booty White Girls 3
1464. Blonde Women Black Men 3
1465. Blow Me Sandwich 8
1466. Bring'um Young 20
1467. Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters
1468. Cumming of Age 2
1469. Girlvana
1470. Glazed and Confused 6
1471. Interracial P.O.V. 4
1472. Intoxicated
1473. I Was Tight Yesterday 4
1474. Just Over 18 13
1475. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla! 3
1476. New Trix 3
1477. Pass the Creme
1478. POV Casting Couch 6
1479. Powerlines
1480. Cassandra
1481. Prom Team
1482. White Wife Black Cock 7
1483. Black Bi Cuckolding 18
1484. Cuckold Stories 9
1485. Dixie's Damsels
1486. Bondage: Code Red
1487. Buxom Secretary
1488. I Can't Believe I Fucked a Zombie
1489. Couples Bang the Babysitter 5
1490. Coach
1491. Rear View
1492. Big & Black
1493. Suck My Tranny Cock 7
1494. Fuck My Mom & Me 12
1495. Big Ass Cheerleaders
1496. Big Wet Asses 18
1497. Massive Asses 5
1498. Masturbation Nation 8
1499. Cougars Strike 2
1500. Giant White Greeze Butts 5
1501. I Fucked You & Yo Mama 5
1502. MILF and Honey 11
1503. Night of the Giving Head
1504. Hospital!
1505. Interracial Ass Shakers
1506. MILF and Honey 9
1507. Worship Dat Ass
1508. Elbow Bound Babes
1509. 100% Natural Wonders 5
1510. Ass Everywhere 2
1511. Bubble Butt Bonanza 11
1512. Bullets & Burlesque
1513. Double Bubble White Booty 1
1514. MILF and Honey 6
1515. My Dirty Angels 7
1516. Pussyman's Foot Festival 2
1517. We Swallow 16
1518. Ass Republic 2
1519. Barbed Wire Kiss
1520. Fortune Teller
1521. Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
1522. Model
1523. Psychocandy 4
1524. Phoenix: Risen from the Ashes
1525. Her First Big Cock Vol. 5  
1526. Mail Order Bride
1527. The Bride
1528. Big Ass Fixation
1529. Big Booty Moms
1530. Big Butt Smashdown 8
1531. Bubble Butt Mothers 2
1532. Bubblicious White Girls
1533. White Girls Got Azz Too 2
1534. Ass Parade 5
1535. She Sucks!
1536. Slaughter Disc
1537. Andromeda Strange
1538. Suck My Tranny Cock
1539. Erotic Stories: Lovers and Cheaters
1540. NonSex
1541. Howard Ramone's Bada Bimbos 5
1542. We Swallow 4
1543. 100% Strapon
1544. Color Blind
1545. The Fashionistas
1546. Leslie
1547. Il bar della crema
1548. Cockroads
1549. Goo Girls 11
1550. Phat Azz White Girls  
1551. Taboo  : A Sex Odyssey
1552. Nude Club Member
1553. Tropic of Desire
1554. Different Strokes 11: Boneward Bound
1555. I Swallow 16
1556. Zupko: The Lost Tapes
1557. Goo Girls 4
1558. I Swallow 15
1559. A Girl's Affair 45
1560. The Violation of Amber Lynn
1561. Blowjob Fantasies 9
1562. Memoirs of a Madam
1563. Fellatrix under the piano
1564. Pink
1565. Rough Sex 2
1566. Violation of Katie Gold
1567. Succubus: Skin XVII
1568. The Voyeur 14
1569. Fresh Meat 7
1570. Anal Ball
1571. Nothing to Hide 4: Club Purgatory
1572. Pussy Crimes
1573. Trial by Copulation
1574. Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 11
1575. Blowjob Fantasies 4
1576. Deep Throat the Quest 5: Slick Willy Rides Again
1577. Fresh Flesh 3
1578. Flesh Peddlers 3
1579. Deep Throat the Quest
1580. Live in My Secrets
1581. Riot Grrrls
1582. Shades of Romona
1583. Young Hollywood
1584. Mandy
1585. Hospital!
1586. Bullets & Burlesque
1587. Chorus Girl
1588. Barbed Wire Kiss
1589. Anal Boot Camp 3
1590. Interracial Rubdowns
1591. A Thing of Beauty
1592. Tattooed Girls
1593. Interracial Family Affair 2
1594. Hot and Mean
1595. Orange Is the New Pussy
1596. Double Dildo Dommes
1597. A Rough Threeway
1598. Nina Elle Is the ArchAngel
1599. Femdom Empire
1600. Pleasure Gimp
1601. Mick Blue Is One Lucky Bastard
1602. Rocco's Perfect Slaves 6
1603. Analized
1604. /II Foot Fuckers
1605. 2 Chicks Same Time 18
1606. Control
1607. Spontaneass 2
1608. Boss Fantasies
1609. Rachel
1610. V for Vicki
1611. Voracious: Season Two, Volume Four
1612. Shades of Scarlet
1613. My Friend's Hot Girl 13
1614. The Doctor Whore Porn Parody
1615. Martha
1616. Anal Candy Disco Chicks
1617. Faces Loaded
1618. XMen XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
1619. Storm
1620. Sadistic Rope
1621. Skin DiamondTight Bondage, Insane Torment, Extreme Orgasms!!
1622. Skin Diamondbrutal Bondage, Extreme Suffering, and Screaming Orgasms!
1623. Oil Overload 11
1624. Gabi Gets Girls
1625. Maddy O'Reilly's Submission
1626. Caramel Hunnies
1627. DP Masters
1628. Voracious: Season Two, Volume Two
1629. Maddy O'Reilly Is Slutwoman
1630. To the Core
1631. Crack Fuckers 5
1632. Lexi Belle Loves Girls
1633. Hot Body Ink 2
1634. Anal Fanatic 6
1635. Trinity St. Clair Sexual Obyssey
1636. Supermodels 2
1637. Black Out 2: Jailed 'N Nailed
1638. Sex and Submission
1639. Kinky Couple Convert Lesbian Into Submissive Whore
1640. The Specialist: Cheating Wife Sexually Punished
1641. Confessions of a Brutal Sex Fantasy
1642. The Loan Sharks
1643. Voracious: Season Two, Volume One
1644. Hard Anal Love 2
1645. TSA: Touching Searching and Pussy Pounding
1646. White Witch
1647. LeWood's Real Anal Booty Calls
1648. Black Lesbian StrapOn Dolls
1649. Black Pussy Is Sweeter
1650. KissMe Girl 17
1651. KissMe Girl 23
1652. Tattooed Goddesses
1653. DressUp Dolls
1654. Performers of the Year  
1655. Screaming AssGasms!
1656. Rocco's Coming in America
1657. The Lexecutioner
1658. Slippery Slopes
1659. Alexis & Asa
1660. Deep Anal Drilling 5
1661. My Anal Assistant
1662. Inked Angels 2
1663. All Things Anal
1664. My Sister's Hot Friend 33
1665. Weapons of Ass Destruction 7
1666. [Girl]²
1667. Foot Worship
1668. Lesbian Foot Show: Kristina Rose Seduces Skin Diamond with Her FEET!
1669. Devil on a Chain
1670. Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3
1671. Tristan Taormino's Guide to Bondage for Couples
1672. James Deen Loves Butts
1673. Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
1674. Silver Banshee
1675. The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody
1676. Michonne
1677. Whore's Ink
1678. Wet Asses
1679. Anal Corruption
1680. Babysit My Ass
1681. Get My Belt
1682. Orgy Masters 3
1683. Iron Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
1684. Jill Jerold
1685. Suck Balls 3
1686. The Masseuse 4
1687. Black Masseuse
1688. Public Disgrace
1689. Cocksucking Countdown!Bitches Throatfucked in a Stairwell of Hipsters
1690. Beautiful Fetish Model Is Pushed to Her Limits and Pounded Hard in the Ass
1691. The Black Book
1692. Gag Reflex
1693. Orgy University
1694. Vicky
1695. Remy 2
1696. Wet Food 4
1697. Deep Pussy
1698. Mother Lovers Society 8
1699. Everything Butt
1700. Anal Probing the New Slut: Gabriella, Gia and Skin
1701. Anal Fisting Skin Diamond
1702. Anal Prisoner
1703. Diamond in the Rough
1704. Black Heat
1705. Girls Kissing Girls: Volume Eleven
1706. Open Ended 2
1707. Women Seeking Women 89
1708. Black Ass Anal Drilling
1709. Black Diamonds
1710. Cum Bang 8
1711. Facial Overload
1712. Performers of the Year  
1713. Hardcore Gangbang
1714. 4 Hot Boys & 4 Hot Girls Take Down 1 Bitch with Cocks, Pussies, & Ass!
1715. Lesbians in Charge
1716. Whale Tail 6
1717. Skin Diamond: No Limits
1718. Rump Raiders
1719. Lesbian Beauties 8
1720. Meet Bonnie
1721. Friends with Benefits
1722. Stella
1723. Girl Train 2
1724. Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled
1725. Official the Hangover Parody
1726. Gun Girl #1
1727. Strap for Teacher
1728. Lesbian Sorority 2
1729. The Teacher's Pet 4: Student Bodies
1730. Mandingo Massacre 5
1731. Hollywood Heartbreakers
1732. Legs
1733. In Bed with Katsuni
1734. Spandex Loads 4
1735. HardCore Allure
1736. Meow! 2
1737. Whore Hotel
1738. Lesbian Masseuse
1739. Scene Four: Physical Therapist
1740. The Babysitter Volume 6
1741. Dani
1742. Black Anal Addiction
1743. Lesbian Slumber Party: The Kissing Game
1744. Kiss Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me
1745. Porns Top Black Models 3
1746. The Upper Floor
1747. Squirt Fest Cums to the House  
1748. Slave Competition Party
1749. The Upper Floor Slaves Have a Birthday Party!
1750. Slave Birthday Party Part 1
1751. Lifting the Restriction
1752. Corrupt Schoolgirls
1753. Miss Diamond
1754. Revenge of the Petites
1755. Lesbian Beauties 7: All Black Beauties
1756. Girls Kissing Girls 9
1757. Overnight
1758. Nicki
1759. Lap Dance
1760. Interracial Lesbian Romance
1761. Lesbian Sorority
1762. Evalutionary 2
1763. Black Fuck Faces
1764. Black Scary Movie
1765. Sloppy Head 4
1766. Mother Lovers Society 6
1767. Spinners
1768. Lesbian Babysitters 6
1769. Filthy Cocksucking Auditions
1770. Nacho Vidal: The Sexual Messiah
1771. 2 Chicks Same Time 12
1772. Best New Starlets  
1773. The Threeway
1774. Bad Apples 3
1775. This Ain't Nurse Jackie XXX
1776. Lesbian Sex 3
1777. Anal Fanatic 3
1778. Vicarious: So Close You Can Taste It
1779. Lesbian Hitchhiker 3
1780. Femdom Ass Worship 11
1781. Tosh Porn Oh
1782. Shamwell
1783. Kung Fu Pussy
1784. Shut Up and Fuck
1785. Club Elite
1786. Runaway
1787. Blake
1788. Black Lesbian Romance
1789. Slut Puppies 5
1790. Pretty in Pink
1791. Bound Gangbangs
1792. The Psych Ward: Part 2
1793. Rico the Destroyer 3
1794. Black Anal Beauties 2
1795. Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmaled
1796. Dynamic Booty 6
1797. Up That Black Ass 8
1798. Orgasmic Oralists
1799. Gallery for Sex
1800. Slutty & Sluttier 14
1801. Hitchhikers 2
1802. My Favorite Emo Sluts
1803. Street Hookers for the White Guy 2
1804. P.O.V. Punx 4  
1805. Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection  
1806. Carbon Girl
1807. Doppelgänger
1808. Joanna Angel Fan
1809. Babes in Bondage 4
1810. European Vacation
1811. No Panties Allowed  
1812. Hogtied
1813. All of Her
1814. Dude Bro Party Massacre III
1815. Sorority Girl
1816. Bob's Boners and Other Porn Parodies
1817. Lisa
1818. I Came on James Deen's Face 2
1819. Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody
1820. Hadley Michaels
1821. Public Disgrace
1822. Fresh Meat! Demure Little Cutie Turned Into a Hungry Whore.
1823. My Roommate's a Lesbian 6
1824. Chemistry 3
1825. Mermaids and Unicorns
1826. Scene Two: Mermaid
1827. Secret Life of a Lesbian
1828. My Trip Back to the Dark Side
1829. Topless Shot Girl
1830. Pussy Whipped
1831. Deep Kissing Lesbians 2
1832. True Lesbians
1833. Bullied Bi Cuckold 28
1834. Lesbian Stepmother
1835. Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3
1836. Pleasure or Pain
1837. Attendant
1838. Gia: Lesbian Supermodel
1839. Pixie
1840. Infidelity: A Love Story
1841. Lesbian Slumber Party: The Kissing Game
1842. Butches and Babes
1843. Kink Live
1844. Ela Darling Live and Willing
1845. Live Nerd Girls
1846. /I Jonas
1847. Ela
1848. Hotel
1849. Lesbian Sex 2
1850. Therapy
1851. Boutique
1852. Screwing Wall Street
1853. Fluid 3
1854. Voracious: Season Two, Volume Four
1855. Voracious: Season Two, Volume Three
1856. Leaving Circadia
1857. Julie
1858. Erotico 2
1859. Voracious: Season Two, Volume One
1860. The Pilgrim
1861. The Woman
1862. Erotico
1863. Hacked
1864. Jack Attack 4
1865. Special Delivery
1866. /II Sexual Healing
1867. Skip Trace: Episode 3
1868. Bridesmaids
1869. Stoya
1870. Watch Over Me
1871. Code of Honor
1872. My Haunted House
1873. unSEXpected
1874. /I Heat Wave
1875. Flatscreen
1876. Stoya
1877. Dreams from a Petrified Head
1878. Bad Girls 7
1879. Fighters
1880. Bad Girls 6
1881. Power Fuck
1882. Stoya: Web Whore
1883. Stoya
1884. Babysitters 2
1885. Stoya The Babysitter
1886. Top Guns
1887. Mystery
1888. Bad Girls: Episode 5
1889. Love and Other Mishaps
1890. Teachers
1891. Jack's Teen America: Mission 23
1892. Riley Steele: Scream
1893. Stoya: Scream
1894. Nurses
1895. A Taste of Stoya
1896. Bad Girls
1897. Stoya: Perfect Picture
1898. Stoya: Workaholic
1899. Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge
1900. Belly Dancer
1901. Cheerleaders
1902. Stoya
1903. Deeper 11
1904. Jack's Leg Show 4
1905. Jack's POV 13
1906. Jesse Jane: Kiss Kiss
1907. My First Porn 10
1908. Stoya: Atomic Tease
1909. Stoya: Heat
1910. Stoya: Sexy Hot
1911. The Sex Offenders
1912. Man's Ruin
1913. Debbie Loves Dallas
1914. Jessica Nelson
1915. Jack's POV 9
1916. Jesse Jane: Lust
1917. Katsuni: Video Nasty
1918. Sexual Freak 7: Stoya
1919. Sister Midnite
1920. Video Nasty: Stoya
1921. Razördolls
1922. The Realms of Labyrinth
1923. Tea Guest
1924. The Finer Things
1925. Goblin Kitchen: Labyrinth Masquerade
1926. Tea Guest
1927. /III Minotaur
1928. The Clumsy Server
1929. Nothing But Sexxx
1930. Freaks of Cock 8
1931. The Secretary
1932. CoWorker
1933. A Love Triangle
1934. Big Dick Mandingo Lil Freaks 5
1935. Alone with the Enemy
1936. Tombois
1937. Engineering Nudes
1938. This Ain't Bad Girls Club XXX
1939. New Girl
1940. Lesbian Daydreams 3
1941. Office Seductions
1942. Lesbian Adventures: Lingerie Dreams
1943. Lesbian Halfway House
1944. Jet Fuel 2
1945. Lesbian Babysitters
1946. Michelle's Lover
1947. The Upper Floor
1948. The First Supper, Part Three
1949. The First Supper, Part Two
1950. The First Supper, Part One
1951. Lesbian Chronicles 3: The Massage Parlour
1952. The Scarlet Manor
1953. My Little Minx: A   Silent Lesbian Farce
1954. Lesbian Beauties 3: Asian Beauties
1955. Bitchcraft 6
1956. Booty I Like 5
1957. Expert Guide to Advanced Fellatio
1958. Face Invaders 4
1959. Rough Sex
1960. Too Big for Your Mouth
1961. Device Bondage
1962. Episode dated 10 December  
1963. Lesbian Noir 1: The Pool Girl
1964. Sex and Submission
1965. Pussy Play
1966. Women Seeking Women 45
1967. Beast Is Back! 3
1968. Bitchcraft 3
1969. Fuck Slaves 4
1970. Keep It Right There 2
1971. Super Whores 12
1972. Team Squirt 7
1973. Women Seeking Women 35  
1974. Naughty Flipside
1975. Man's Ruin
1976. Mary Carey, Woman of the Year
1977. Girls in White   2
1978. NonSex Performers
1979. Women Seeking Women 31  
1980. Girls in White   1
1981. Lesbian Psycho Therapists 1  
1982. Booty I Like 4
1983. Bullets & Burlesque
1984. Finger Licking Good 4
1985. Hot Sauce 3
1986. I Love 'em Natural 4
1987. My Wife Went Black
1988. Nice Fucking View 2
1989. Disturbed 5
1990. Graigslist
1991. Hardcore Training 6
1992. I Can't Believe I Took the Whole Thing 10
1993. My Girlfriend Squirts 4
1994. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla! 7
1995. Pussy Cats
1996. Pussy Foot'n 17
1997. The 4 Finger Club 23
1998. Whack Jobs

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Thought Eater Tournament

I like Secret Santicore, I like the One Page Dungeon Contest, I like tables made by Gygaxian Democracy and I like all the other kinds of cool shared gameables you people make.

But I also love Revolution Natalie on Why D&D Has So Many Rules For Combat, Jeff Gameblog on Max, James Mal on the Monster Manual as Medieval Grimoire and False Patrick on Miniatures as Sculpture.

The DIY game scene has lots of ways of encouraging people to make game stuff. We don't have that many ways of encouraging these kind of critical and reflective essays on the nature of the game and game-related stuff. The traditional way to do that would be to start a magazine, but magazines are dead. So instead, I'm announcing the...

This could be you don't you love that idea? You do i know.
Here's how it works:

1. If you want to be in the contest email me: zakzsmith AT hawtmayle .

2. Also tell me at least one topic you'd like to see covered in the essays as part of the tournament--something you'd like to see other people tackle.

3. I will arrange the contestants into elimination rounds and assign topics from the suggestions to each pair.

4. Each contestant will attempt to produce interesting prose containing at least one original idea on the topic assigned within the week and then email it to me without putting it up anywhere else. Note: It's ok if it takes a while for me to assign these. This can be a casual tournament if need be.

5. For each pair of contestants I will place both essays (without the authors' names--to prevent politicking or bias) up on the blog. Blog readers will vote on which essay is the more engaging and original. (I will not vote or participate.)

6. Three days later I will count the votes and reveal the names of the contestants (with links to their blogs if they have them). Winners will move on to the next round and be paired with a winner from the previous round. You can put the essay you wrote up on your blog if you have one at that point.

7. Participants will receive: adulation for how smart they are and attention for their blogs if they have them.

The community will receive: some thought-provoking prose.

The winner will receive: a boon of their choice granted by me. Since the winner will be, by definition, immensely wise, the boon requested will obviously be something cool and reasonable, so I'm pretty open about what that is.

So get to work, Brainiacs...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Horrible Horrible Jackal-Heads

They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom, but none shall be there; and all its princes shall be nothing. And thorns shall come up in its palaces, nettles and thistles in the fortresses thereof; and it shall be a habitation of jackals, a court for ostriches.
--Isaiah 34:12-13

Jackalmen are gnot gnolls. Gnolls have hyenaheads and they're tough. Jackalmen are scrawny and gross and they are all bad wizards. They usually wear spooky robes so they look like guys in old horror movies about cults in animal masks.

Also: Jackalmen aren't a species--they're a moral consequence. If a man should betray a friend in the Colossal Waste, he becomes one. If a woman should steal from an innocent, she becomes a horned she-jackal.

Stats are basically as a human magic user except roll 2d6+6 for intelligence, 4d4 for strength, plus enhanced hearing. They'll only bite you if they've carved a curse into their teeth or in case of genuine desperation.

They carry khopesh swords, barbed nets and gold sickles. The sickles can be imbued with a single spell at a time, storing the spell and discharging it when it hits a target--they can also be thrown. This is all awful.

They worship Nathrekk the Devourer who is a three-headed jackal whose wide radiating mouths form a black blossom. It is said Nathrekk is brother to En Gorath, it is said they keep secrets from one another.

They live in the ruins of our cities, so their scheme is to encourage and then annihilate your culture. How far along in the two-step they've gotten depends what century and hex you're in. Their government is very Lottery In Babylon. Even in their most progressive phase they encourage only malefactors--organizing despots, crimelords, sellers of homes.

Jackalman magic involves disorientation, switching, the nesting of dimensions. Like a classic jackalman spell is turning a puddle of water into the surface of a deep and shark-infested vertical sea, another is fucking up your relation to physical space--imagine the weird inside-out rooms in the Red & Pleasant Land dungeon transported to a fake-Islamic environment full of fountains, muqarnas, bas-reliefs.

Probably the worst thing they do is throw babies. Specifically: they take a human child and stuff it into an outfit not unlike a baby-pajama version of siberian bear armor...
...then huck the babies at you. If you catch the baby it might live, but then the spikes are poison--and also they're spikes.

Their leaders prefer to meet you before killing you. They'll typically be accompanied by a pair of sub-priests chanting a version of the Sanctuary spell that makes it impossible to attack or be attacked. They'll start by just talking if they can, taunt you, then leave.

They are ruled by the horned she-jackals, high-level priestesses--they will always offer you something you greatly desire in exchange for some seemingly innocuous favor, even if you've slain your way through their armies to get to them. They consider it a test of your meddle.

Sapientiam Comedentis Interemptorum

The book is written in a language used in Vornheim, though it is punctuated by terms and pictograms in the ancient language of the Waste and the tongue of the Jackalheads.

Read Magic will allow anyone to read the spells, regardless of what mundane languages they can read.

This text is difficult--it abrades the mind. Beginning as a desert travelogue, it descends into spattered polemic after its author--caravan marooned in the Waste by a bandit raid--kills his fellow travelers for water and recounts his initiation into the ways and society of the Jackal.

The book will reveal the key to the lottery runes and the myriad rites of the Devourer. Once read through and understood, the text will reveal answers to questions about the jackalmen or the horned she-jackals on a successful Int check up to three times.

It includes the following unique spells:
Mass Inscribe (Inscribes a lottery rune on everyone in a 30 foot radius--Level 1)
Clutching Coil (Once a prepared net, rope or other binding is wrapped around a target, the spell causes it to squeeze for 2d6 damage per round--Level 2)
Arrows to Asps (Affects chosen arrows immediately as well as any arrows of the caster's choosing mid-flight if they are shot this round within line of sight--Level 3)(This was stolen from some Conan thing.)
Thousand Claws (as Web but clawed arms reach from a surface. They inflict d6 damage per round--Level 3)
Deepwell (The puddle trick above--Level 3)
Scatter (This only works in a place you call your home and have lived in and prepared for an hour. Range 100'. Everybody in a 30 foot radius has to save vs spell or be teleported to a random room in your home--Level 3)
Derange Space (This only works inside. The entire room is subjected to a random Perplexity of the Interior as in Red & Pleasant Land, only Middle-East-themed--Level 3)
Steal Face (Take and convincingly wear someone's face until it rots off or they get it back. Range: Touch. Level 4.)

Reading the narrative or spells will force a save vs spell. A failed save indicates that the reader has been affected by the text--whenever they roll a natural 1 on a d20 they will be afflicted by desolate visions (treat as Confusion spell) for d4 rounds (d6 rounds if they've read the spells and the narrative) thereafter until treated with some activity or magic which cures madness. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3 Dozen Psychotics Agree: Go Buy Vornheim

Vornheim: The Complete City Kit is back in print. Get it here.

The rest of this entry is for those of you who still need convincing. Here's the thing about Vornheim:

Sure it's going for 170$ on ebay...
Sure it's beloved by both veteran GMs and people coming to games for the first time...
Sure it received critical acclaim from famous and respected contemporary writers inside the game industry and out (like Red & Pleasant Land)...

But there's no need to trust the judgment of these pretentious book collectors, clueless newbies, gaming-adjacent gadflies and OSR lickspittles--why not ask people who fucking hate me what they think of Vornheim, its author, and the ideas in it?

You want it.
It is a fascinating city that takes the approach of making a fantasy city actually fantastic. Why yes the crazy lady in the spooky house is a medusa...and everyone knows that and its just a thing that exists.

Its stupidly full of little color bits that could grow into full on plot hooks. And it has some clever mechanics, like the cover doubling as a table that you physically roll dice on and the position the dice lands tells you stuff...solidly in my category of 'things I'm very glad I bought...

-Ralph Mazza

I thought his Vornheim book was fucking amazing


I just started reading Vornheim recently and am pleasantly surprised…Just off the top of my head, Vornheim itself includes things like the God of Rain and Rust as the city's patron deity, the palace and grand cathedral shaped like hands with the spires as fingers reaching for the sky, lists of bizarre superstitions, decadent nobles who walk pet snails and turtles to show off their idleness, and creatures like a "La Llorona" style vampire bride who is really essentially a bodiless penanggalan fastened to the top of an empty dress.

....Vornheim is a good example of fantasy that is focused on the fantastical rather than world-building, something that is rarely seen today. For example, the palace shaped like a hand, with tower fingers reaching toward the sky, the gardens of black flowers, and the fact that all snakes are secretly books.

-Halloween Jack/Keith Robertson

I've heard good things about Vornheim and have no reason to believe that the game design used there is anything short of excellent, for those for whom it is well-suited. I've never put forth any notion that Zak doesn't make good game stuff. A lot of people I respect respect his work.

-Fred Hicks

Hell, he’s a good artist

-Anna Kreider/Wundergeek

...if you are a fan of random tables and like the particular style of art in the book then the ideas here make it worth the price of admission. Any one of the pages in this book has enough ideas to become the seed of a memorable session...

-Ash Law

Vornheim is fucking brilliant too

-4chan anon

It's really good stuff. Very idiosyncratic, very weird, but every page has a bunch of little details that scream PLAY ME!

-Jack Shear

...I like his art and RPG's…


Vornheim was so fucking based

-4chan anon

I don't dispute Zak's writing. A Diana Jones nom is nothing to sneeze at.

-Mark Carroll

There's also the fact that he seems to be genuinely intelligent and articulate.


…but Vornheim owns

-4chan anon

I've heard good things about Vornheim as a product...

-Jussi Marttila

....he's an awfully good artist.

-Malcolm Sheppard

He’s a solid artist in a number of fields…a solid artist

-Fred Hicks again

Zak is a person who appeals to a lot of decent folks because he has a lot of good ideas and qualities and is tremendously creative

-Pope Guilty

I'm quite impressed with Vornheim. I was surprised to discover that Zak's a actually good writer…It's very evocative.


Zak S Vornheim was an amazing piece of work, so borrow it or whatever if you don't want to pay him for it, but it's very worth reading.


There's a lot of decent material in Vornheim. For what it is, it's a good product, and I'm prepared to assume that the latest work of Mr S is also pretty good.

--Potatocubed / Chris Longhurst
I have no doubt that his actual RPG products are good

-Guilty Spork

He can write well, therefore the reason everyone hates him is because he's a genius that embarrasses lesser men.

-A Plague of Hats

...a great artist and contributor to the hobby...

-Ron Edwards

I want to add that Vornheim is a really great "little" supplement and I would buy a lot more things like that if there were a lot more of them to buy.


Agreed. Additionally, unlike other city setting books, it's not filled to the brim with "Street Name #9" or "Bjorn's Wine Company" details. Zak views such things as unimportant details the DM or PCs can come up with during the game session or for their own games. Instead he relies upon quick and easy table generation for encounters, streets, etc.


It's a testament to the quality of Vornheim that some of its most vocal proponents around here tend to be the posters who've been most critical of the author's... distinctive online persona


He's a guy who's generally smarter than those around him…Vornheim…is the distillation of everything that he does that's awesome.


 Vornheim is okay...


I do like a lot of his ideas.


It's worth looking at and bits are useful. Different bits to different people.


I always thought the "snakes are books" thing from Vornheim was pretty cool.

--Inklesspen / Jon Rosebaugh

One of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. Definitely goes into the next D&D game I run. 

-Frank Trollman

Must play with this now!


That's a really cool idea.


It's a really nifty idea

-Ancient History

Honestly, awesome.

-Judging Eagle

Very cool.


Dude's book looks wonderful

-4chan anon

Zak is the gift that keeps on giving

-Ryan Russin

He's a genius. And he's really funny, too.

-Ed Dove

Zak, you're a wonderful, talented artist and you have some fun ideas.

-Ancient History

So if this collection of knuckle-draggers, edition-warriors, and sociopaths who have been trying to us run out of games for a year still managed to get something out of Vornheim, just imagine how much you--an individual well-adjusted and intelligent enough to be reading this blog without typing out paranoid conspiracy theories that dirty sexwomen are going to break into your house and force your children to play Old School dicegames about elves against your will--will enjoy it.

Now available again in hardcover for the first time in years from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and wherever unusually good cottage-industry RPG books are sold.

(Unlike Red and Pleasant Land,  of which LotFP has zero copies left as of last night. You'll have to contact your local game store or distributor to get one.)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ken and Zak Talk About Stuff

Kenneth Hite was the first person in the mainstream RPG scene to recognize what we were trying to do with Vornheim--or at least the first one to say anything about it. When I heard that, I decided he must be a pretty sharp guy. When he came over and ran Night's Black Agents at our house I realized he was probably one of the sharpest guys in history. And definitely one of the sharpest about history.

For fans, the man needs no introduction--but I hope this interview will offer a window into at least one or two things about Ken you didn't already know. Those new to Ken just need to know he's the idea-factory behind Trail of Cthulhu, the horrible wartorn survival magic-poisoned LotFP setting Qelong, the bold and bizarre Day After Ragnarok alt-history setting and dozens of other excursions into well-researched wrongness.

When and how did you start with role-playing games?

I started playing with D&D before I ever played D&D -- in junior high, my pal Steve loaned me his AD&D MONSTER MANUAL, which came out before the other two books did. So all that summer I built monsters using rules I made up based on the numbers in the book, which is the kind of on-the-nose detail rightly rejected in a novel.

Anyhow, my friends and I started playing D&D that fall, from a combination of that book, the Basic set, and then AD&D, eventually settling into an AD&D campaign with me as the DM. A little TRAVELLER in church youth group, because the youth pastor had the Little Black Books. Then TOP SECRET (which Santa brought us as a misguided "family game night" game), then my one true love CALL OF CTHULHU, from the moment it came out in 1981.

When and how did you start as a professional in the industry?

So I moved to Chicago for grad school, and that meant I could go to GenCon for about $20 by running games for Chaosium -- back then, they badged you in, piled you like cordwood in a hotel room, and bought pizza most nights, so my cost was train fare and liquor. At this same time, I was doing a kind of "free-jazz" improv alternate history game with two history majors I met at the University of Chicago SF Club, Craig Neumeier and Mike Schiffer, and running my Monday campaign for them and some other SF Club people. At one of those GenCons, I bought (or traded for) GURPS TIME TRAVEL by Steve Jackson and John M. Ford, which included the "Infinite Worlds" campaign frame. Mike and Craig and I noticed that Steve Jackson Games had very clear submission guidelines and an unsupported alternate-history setting, and we had all these settings just sitting there. So we wrote a sample alternate history and an outline and sent it in as a proposal. Which went nowhere, except because I had a Chaosium badge, Steve Jackson couldn't dodge me asking about it every GenCon.

One of my players in that long-running CALL OF CTHULHU campaign eventually got a job at Iron Crown, and he got a playtest copy of the NEPHILIM rules from Chaosium, thought "who do I know who should see a game of magical historical conspiracy" and sent them to me for comment. I wrote about 11,000 words of back-sass and sent them to him, and he sent them to Chaosium and right about the same time that Steve Jackson finally looked at our proposal (and accepted it immediately) I got an email from Greg Stafford His Own Self asking me if he could use my playtest feedback in the rulebook, and what was the next book I wanted to write for the line? So in almost the same month in 1994 I had two RPG writing gigs. The rest was just keeping at it; I wound up as Line Developer for NEPHILIM before Chaosium's first or second bankruptcy, and wrote a bunch of books for Steve, and then White Wolf, and then I got hired to design two STAR TREK games back to back and here we are today. In about 1997 I decided to do it full time (or rather my wife Sheila decided she'd rather be married to a happy game writer than a grouchy insurance company tech), and one or two really dodgy years aside, it's pretty much kept the lights on ever since.

What is it about RPG people and the insurance business?

Insurance work is like fast food for people with college degrees. They need a ton of drones to process their hellish oceans of data. Or they did in the 1990s, anyhow, it's probably all done with big data in Bangalore now.

You're known for setting work that's informed by a lot of research--both in history and
in the genre--can you tell us anything about the process of turning research into fiction?

All I can do, really, is quote someone much better than me at the same trick. Tim Powers says that at a certain point you stop researching a novel and start uncovering a secret history of the world. The human brain is hard-wired to pattern-match -- it's how we saw fruit in the trees when we were monkeys, and it's how we see the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich now, and it's how Lovecraft or Powers or I build fiction out of suggestively shaped fact, except we're doing it on purpose. Start with the premise -- if DRACULA were a spy novel, what else would be true? and then start looking for weird little facts that fit the legend you're inventing. George Stoker being a sometime asset for the Foreign Office, for example; or a startling number of British Intelligence higher-ups dying suddenly the same year as a major earthquake in Romania; Bram Stoker cutting the final earthquake scene out of his novel literally just before it went to press. I knew the last of those three facts before I started, but when I looked for more they always seemed to appear, because my brain was seeing where unconnected facts -- about DRACULA, and earthquakes, and the history of British espionage -- could be connected.

Re: Pattern-matching: that's a lot how making a collage works. I have no idea if that's a question, just an observation. You get a certain density of ideas and some begin to rhyme and it makes a dream-logic.

Yeah, to some extent trying to explain any of this stuff in writing is like dancing about architecture, as Martin Mull put it. Once you've been doing sculptures long enough, you see the elephant emerge from the block of marble. I do especially like the metaphor of facts and fictions "rhyming," because that's very much what it feels like in the moment.

Last I knew you were playing Call of Cthulhu regularly at home--anything else?

I haven't actually been able to play CALL OF CTHULHU regularly for a while now -- one of my core players has a major Lovecraft allergy. We were playing NOBILIS at home, I think, when I ran NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS for you; then I ran a CODA-system space game after building the setting with MICROSCOPE, and now I'm running UNKNOWN ARMIES set in the Old West. Each scenario occurs one year later than the last, so we get a good historical sweep out of it.

So do you set up your home campaign as a series of scenarios--almost like modules? Like Mission A then Mission B…?

My home campaign structures vary. Sometimes it's a fairly clear series of missions or modules; other times it's just sandboxing and I build (or co-build) emergent adventures around whatever trouble the players get into. In this campaign, it's kind of a hybrid of those two structures: I tell them which historical event that year their characters will realize contains UA weirdness and then build a sandbox inside it for them to play in.

How do you try out new stuff--with a home group or usually with designers?

It depends. Usually I'll play something with the designer or with some alpha GMs who I know from the convention circuit, but often I'll bring something back, like MICROSCOPE, and the home group will be interested in giving it a whirl. Metatopia is a game design convention, and I wind up alpha testing a lot of new games there as part of my Guest of Honor duties. My own new stuff is usually not a whole new system, but a subsystem -- when I was at Last Unicorn and Decipher we'd play parts of those games as we designed them. I ran a little 13TH AGE when I was developing the BESTIARY for it. I did run a full alpha playtest campaign of NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS while I was designing it, just to make sure GUMSHOE could handle becoming a thriller game, and I think that worked pretty well. But mostly my home game is blowing off creative steam, not an extension of my work day.

Your schticks are history and horror: both of which have been controversial lately--at least on-line--it's been suggested that playing games where bad things happen is covertly a way to enjoy or encourage bad things happening to people in real life. What's your take on handling subjects in games people might consider difficult? 

I write games about what interests me, which includes, as you mention, history and horror and the broad overlap of the two. My general take is that people who worry about being influenced by horror or the past should avoid playing games about those things -- there are plenty of great fantasy or space games out there. Anyone who opens a game by me I expect to be interested in a game by me on the topic, so I write for them. I treat my audience as adults capable of differentiating between fiction and reality, and between villainy and self-help advice, and in 20-odd years of doing this, I can count the number of times I've been wrong on the fingers of one hand. One Norwegian guy on Usenet got way too interested in authoritarian early 20th century ideology because of my description of Wilhelmine Germany in GURPS ALTERNATE EARTHS, but I have to consider that a fringe case.

So you don't buy the significance of the "we're all unconsciously affected in subtle ways by bad ideas" thesis? Or do you just figure if you are it's your own fault?

"Unconsciously affected" is the kind of red flag phrase that just screams "no causal link" to me, especially with regard to putative grownups. So yeah, if you play a game I wrote set in the 1930s and come away more racist or sexist or Freudian or fascist or Stalinist, yes I think it's your fault, not mine or even Stalin's.

Can you run down what you've got that's out right now and what each thing is about?

I can hit some highlights, certainly. DAY AFTER RAGNAROK is my post-WWII post-apocalypse "submachine guns and sorcery" setting, currently available from Atomic Overmind for SAVAGE WORLDS, FATE, and HERO. Writing that involved destroying the world in 1945 except for the parts that looked like Conan and Professor Quatermass.

QELONG is my damp, horrible sandbox hexcrawl for our pal James Raggi at Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It's "fantasy fucking Cambodia," which if you know anything about the history is even worse than "fantasy fucking Vietnam," but I put enough spins on it (and invoked enough 20th century horror) to warrant keeping it in a secondary world, not just Solomon-Kane-ing it into the 17th century.

TRAIL OF CTHULHU is my adaptation of CALL OF CTHULHU to the GUMSHOE system; my most recent thing for that is the "Occult Paris" chapter of DREAMHOUNDS OF PARIS by Robin Laws.

I'm also writing a monthly PDF series for Pelgrane called KEN WRITES ABOUT STUFF. We're in the third series of KWAS now, and you can subscribe or buy the singles individually. I've done campaign frames like MOON DUST MEN about UFO crash recovery teams in 1978, and THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT in which you play Christopher Marlowe and his occult poet pals fighting demons and Spaniards in the 1590s, and TOMBHOUNDS OF EGYPT which is about crooked archaeologists in 1930s Egypt for TRAIL or any other GUMSHOE game. They might be GUMSHOE rules "Zooms" on historical magic like voodoo and goetia, or mind control or martial arts; or expansions for other GUMSHOE games like MUTANT CITY SPIES (my "S.H.I.E.L.D." expansion for MUTANT CITY BLUES) or XENO-ARCHAEOLOGY! for ASHEN STARS. Every other month so far has been a "Hideous Creature" from the Cthulhu Mythos, looked at from all different angles to let Keepers change up the too-familiar Deep Ones and such and put back the Lovecraftian mystery. And in some of them I just talk about stuff like the Nazi Bell project, or the Spear of Destiny, or Lilith.

On that same note, I'm doing a column (in English) for FENIX magazine in Sweden, usually either a setting, a campaign frame, or a mini-RPG. A bunch of those have been collected in three volumes of THE BEST OF FENIX (all in English), which should be available in PDF at least by now.

Hell, you can still buy my SUPPRESSED TRANSMISSION collections in PDF from Steve Jackson Games, which were me doing the same thing as KWAS, only much faster and younger and crazier. My Mekons era, not my Waco Brothers era.

You can also pick up most of my GURPS work from SJG, of which I most highly recommend GURPS HORROR 4th edition, which contains virtually all the good advice from my long-ago guide to running horror games, NIGHTMARES OF MINE, plus decades of good advice I've learned since or recycled from the earlier two editions of GURPS HORROR. Only about a quarter of it is GURPS rules or stats, and in the post-D20 age I don't want anyone saying GURPS stat blocks are too much work.

You know all about NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS, of course, and the Big New Thing for that is THE DRACULA DOSSIER, which is a massive improvisational, collaborative campaign based on the premise I mentioned above -- that DRACULA isn't a novel, but the after-action report of a failed 1894 attempt to recruit Dracula as an asset for British Intelligence. It includes DRACULA UNREDACTED, which is Stoker's full first draft "unredacted" by me and by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, and annotated by three generations of MI6 analysts trying to figure out if "Operation Edom" really ended in 1894 and discovering that nope, it's still trying to run Dracula as an operative in the War on Terror. So all the weird stuff in Stoker plus those annotations leads to over 200 encounters -- NPCs and organizations that might be innocent or part of Edom or minions of Dracula, locations and objects that might be innocuous or deadly dangerous, all depending on how the players approach them and how the Director puts them into the game. The DIRECTOR'S HANDBOOK combines all those various versions, plus some possible Capstone climactic endings, plus some campaign frames to add Cthulhu or undead Nazis if you want, and the overarching blueprint to help you shape your campaign the way you and the players want it to go.

Ok, Bram Stoker's Dracula: I gotta ask you. The prose in that book just puts me to sleep every damn time, aside from one or two passages in the beginning when Dracula first shows up, it seems so deadened and attenuated. Aside from the invention of Dracula himself (who's a great villain, obviously) what are you seeing that I'm not?

It may just be a stylistic preference: I like 19th century prose better than many people (although I don't possess the Dickens appreciation gene, so it's not like my taste is bulletproof here). I genuinely enjoy the narrative elisions created by Stoker manipulating the epistolary form -- so much so that I've written a whole game about them, in fact. The structure of the novel is bloody brilliant -- I feel very bad about deforming it in DRACULA UNREDACTED. Dracula's appearance in London is also wonderfully suspenseful and terrifying, and the thematic and character contrasts between the hunters' Christianity and reason vs. Dracula's diabolical animalism in the novel keep paying off. Finally, of course, as a cultural window into the late Victorian mind it's just plain unsurpassed as a historical document.

Is it generally true that the more alt-history a setting is, the more you like it, or are you also into less-grounded things like Traveller or Toon or 40k?

I find it easier to buy mentally into settings connected to something real, usually history or legend or geography -- this preference holds in fiction, too. I prefer secret history to secondary world fantasy novels, for instance, and that holds for RPGs even moreso because the setting is so much more important there than in a novel. Even my homebrew D&D setting in high school was a heavily modded "fantasy fucking Byzantine Empire." That said, I like adding magic or myth or weird science or superpowers to the alt-history or secret-history setting -- even a straight history game is more fun for me with time travel in it. I liked the TRAVELLER setting well enough, though when I ran TRAVELLER I redesigned it for greater astropolitical plausibility (at least to me). I've never played WARHAMMER of any stripe because I didn't do it when I was thirteen (because it didn't exist then) so I missed the WH recruitment window. I can imagine playing one good afternoon's worth of TOON, but why?

What are you working on now?

We're still doing the rest of the stretch goals for THE DRACULA DOSSIER right now; I'm finishing my polish on THE EDOM FILES, which is a connection of adventures in Operation Edom's history from 1877 to the 21st century; Gar is finishing the EDOM FIELD MANUAL, which is a vampire-hunting manual disguised as a streamlined NBA starter kit or vice versa; then I get to watch 36 or so Dracula movies for THE THRILL OF DRACULA, a book about adopting and altering Dracula for your game using the movies as examples.

I'm also writing a big expansion for the MOON DUST MEN campaign frame that we're going to spread out over a couple of KWAS issues, and will probably involve writing some dogfighting rules I will need to playtest, and I'm getting started on the GUMSHOE adaptation of DELTA GREEN, called THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN. You play DELTA GREEN agents during its heyday as an authorized anti-Mythos operation: the 1960s. So it's back to Cambodia for me, then.

I had a lot of fun playing your Qelong setting for LotFP--especially fighting lotus monks--do you get to play all the things you write? If not--do you ever wish you did?

I don't have time to play all the things I write, and in fairness if I did, I'd probably squander a bunch of it hanging out with my wife and cat instead. Sometimes I'll write a scene or a mechanic and I'd like to run it or play it out, sure, but it's more fun to play stuff I haven't written yet. I get surprised more often, that way, anyhow.

It seems like setting stuff is mostly your thing--are you happy to let other people handle
the mechanics, or do you get ideas for fiddling with that end of things that you'd like
to publish?

I don't really consider myself a soup-to-nuts system guy, although I learned an awful lot about mechanics designing two back-to-back STAR TREK RPGs with different mechanics, and then reviewing games from all over the design spectrum for a decade for my column "Out of the Box." When I write for GURPS or SAVAGE WORLDS part of the fun is coming up with (or repurposing) mechanics to fit the setting or story, just like I did for NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS or even QELONG. If I get a really good idea for a mechanic I can usually either put it in KWAS if it's GUMSHOE-able, write a mini-game around it for FENIX, or shop-talk it at Metatopia, so I keep the urge pretty much under control.

You consulted on D&D 5--was there anything that surprised you about that process?

I was most surprised to be asked, actually. Like you say, I'm better known -- and better -- as a setting guy, and they didn't ask about that. But I did cut my teeth on D&D, and I've played every edition except 2nd, so I had some notions. Everyone at Wizards was very nice and professional, as they have been ever since they laid me off back in 2001 after buying the box I came in.

Are there any developments in games outside your own sphere you're excited about?

I'm crazy excited about the new technologies in tabletop wargames. First, the card-driven rules that Mark Herman invented in 1994 have finally come into their own in the last decade, mostly from GMT. That really lowers complexity while keeping flavor and feel strong. GMT is also cracking the very tough nut of the counter-insurgency wargame, with Volko Ruhnke leading the way. If we can get a real breakthrough in tactical game design the way we have in strategic games, that segment will go nuts. We may have already gotten it; I get so few chances to play wargames that I mostly concentrate on strategic stuff.

What wargames do you like? Whats your history with that?

Right now I'm very excited about the GMT counter-insurgency series and the strategic-level card-driven games in general, like I said. FIRE IN THE LAKE and NO RETREAT! are two great examples of what I'm talking about. I still play WASHINGTON'S WAR (nee WE THE PEOPLE) and love it. I started playing hex-and-counter wargames before they had hexes -- my dad bought the first GETTYSBURG game from Avalon Hill back when the board had squares, and he taught me to play it so he'd have someone to play. I played GETTYSBURG and a lot of other old AH grand-tactical games and then got very into PANZERBLITZ and its sequels, which led me down the hyper-tactical rabbit-hole of SQUAD LEADER and ASL which wound up killing my wargame interest for a while (that and STAR FLEET BATTLES -- take four hours to play 1/32 of a second!). Later I found RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN which got me into the operational and strategic scale stuff and that has stuck with me ever since. (I played a lot of WAR AT SEA in college, too, but not before or since.)

If you could give one piece of advice to wannabe RPG writers, what would it be?

Make your name by producing good work for a system with a lot of players. In my day, you had to get hired to write for D&D or RUNEQUEST or the new hotness; now, virtually every system you care to name is either open or the license is ridiculously friendly. Write what you want to play now, don't bother to fix what you think is wrong with whatever system hurt you in 8th grade. Between PDFs, POD publishing, Kickstarter, and the whole indie-DIY ecology, you can be a real life RPG writer from the jump. Make sure you hire (or sweat-equity) a really good artist and layout person so your work doesn't look bad, and make sure you've read enough good writing that you can tell that your work isn't bad. People say to hire an editor, and although I never have, I got very lucky and was edited very well and brutally my first day out by Susan Pinsonneault. Since she's not in the game biz anymore, you should probably hire someone.

If you could give one piece of advice to the RPG industry as a whole--assuming they'd take it--what would it be?

They seem, mostly driven in good Marxist fashion by the changing means of production, to be finally taking my advice, which I've been offering since about 2005. Which is: stop thinking of games as insanely expensive, hard to sell magazines that have to keep going forever. Think of them as small press books, which in fact they are. Not every novel is a series; not every game needs splats and expansions. Most don't. Or if they do, the aforementioned crowd of DIY types will do it, and do it from a place of obsession, not a place of needing to fill a hole in the lineup. Maybe publish a game that can support a "trilogy." Maybe not. But don't push it. Publish what you would rather eat ramen than not publish, because you'll be eating ramen either way.

Damn, good point! Thank you for your time, Ken!

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